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Zado recyclable office chairs

November 6th 2008

The Zado chair Haworth Inc are the 3rd largest manufacturer of office furniture in the world, launched in 2005 the Zado chair was one of the first recyclable office chairs to reach the marketplace containing no chrome, PVC’s of CFC’s this chair can also be easily disassembled into its component parts when it reaches the end of its natural life cycle. The Zado office chair is offered in a range of limited recyclable fabrics. Energy used in the production of the Zado chair is also offset via green-e wind energy certification. When the Zado office chair reaches the end of its life cycle it can be collected and recycled under the Haworth "take back" policy. Haworth will collect the chair break it down into its component parts and each part will be put into the relevant recycle stream. Surely this is one of teh most environmentally friendly office chairs available.Zody was designed by a German company ITO and is a soft feel slim line mesh back office chair with a high performance rating Please contact us for further information

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