Acoustics in the workplace is something that may often be overlooked but much research and various studies have been conducted regarding the effect of acoustics and how it influences productivity and wellbeing. It’s acknowledged that workers consider they could be more productive in a less noisy or acoustically treated environment meaning it has become an important topic for consideration. 

An obvious indicator of excess reverberation or simply ‘excess noise’ is the loss of hearing speech accurately in occupied spaces such as offices or restaurants due to background or ambient noises. Sometimes it can be difficult to understand a conversation and words even when that person is at close proximity. Have you ever been in restaurant when you cannot hear the person next to you due to the sound of voices, laughter, chinking of glasses and clattering of plates? These noises are excessively reverberating from all the internal hard surfaces, within the restaurant such as the tables, walls and ceiling and results in what we, as customer’s experience as ‘too noisy’.

It’s the same within offices and it’s important to identify where you think the hard surfaces are in relation to the source and to imagine the noise or sound waves bouncing of that hard surface and in to somebody’s working space. Could these echo’s or bounces be prevented? If so they would definitely enhance the working environment for everybody making communication easier due to the ambient noise being softer.

These noises can take a long time to die down otherwise without suitable acoustic solutions in place.  Acoustic solutions are designed to absorb these reverberations and most have been scientifically tested to prove that they really are quite effective.

We now offer a wide range of acoustic treatments and can in some cases provide you with a free acoustical survey making sure you have all the right acoustical elements to eliminate and reduce noise.

Please get in touch if you feel your office or organisation could benefit from any acoustical treatments.

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