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Acoustic Booths

As we move to a more remote and office-based hybrid of working, the idea of creating work “hubs” within the office has become increasingly popular.

Whether for small meetings or collaborative brainstorms, office acoustic booths are a great way to keep noise to a minimum whilst working. Acoustic sound proof booths are a great way to create a collaborative space with reduced sound in mind.

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Features of our acoustic booths

We offer a great selection of acoustic booths for single users, double users and team meetings.

An acoustic pod for a single person. The fabric chair is a natural green colour with a grey backboard and hovering white desk.


Acoustic booths are easier to configure and shape than acoustic pods as they are designed with complete flexibility in mind and can be assembled ‘tool free’ and quickly.

The flexibility of the booths is appealing as they can be relocated quickly with minimum fuss and do not require building regulations to be sanctioned.


Some acoustic booths are open units which means that they do not have a hinged or a closing door facility, making them inviting and easily accessible for everyone.

A four-seater open booth with blue seats and grey backboards. There is a lifted hovering table between the two seats with cups of water and mugs on them.
A secluded black and grey booth with one stool chair and grey backboard. There is a wooden desk fitted into the backboard and a hinged door.

Looking for something more private?

However, when more privacy is needed closed booths are the preferred option with some taking the appearance of phone booths or boxes. The panels on acoustic booths are around 50mm thick and can be covered in acoustic tested fabric both internally and externally providing a peaceful environment for each user.

Why choose Office Reality for acoustic phone booths?

Free installation

At Office Reality, we believe that upgrading your office should be as stress-free as possible.

That’s why we offer free installation on all products in our range of acoustic booths, ensuring that your new office solutions are set up quickly, efficiently, and without any additional costs.


We were pleased to be awarded the contract to design and supply acoustic booths to Hereford Hospital using acoustic booths from the Aegis range. Please view the case study here.

With years of experience in providing office furniture solutions, Office Reality is a trusted name in designing office spaces that cater to evolving workplace needs. 

Our expertise is reflected in our carefully curated product range, designed to offer the best in comfort and functionality.

Customer satisfaction

We prioritise customer satisfaction and offer transparent customer service and support

All our products come with guarantees, and our customer case studies are a testament to our commitment to quality and reliability.

Can Office Reality help us find the perfect acoustic booth?

Office Reality are a proud UK supplier of a range of acoustic phone booths and other acoustic solutions for over 20 years.

For more information about our acoustic phone booths, or to request a custom solution, please contact our expert team. 

We are here to help you create a productive and stylish office environment that allows for privacy during your important phone calls.

Our full acoustic range includes:

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Customer Case Studies

We have helped transform workspaces using our extensive range of products for a number of years.

Don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers have to say:

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