Acoustic Booths


With the new changes to the office due to the most recent pandemic, more and more of our customers are choosing acoustic booths and areas to section off their work area. As we move to a more remote and office based hybrid of working, the idea of creating work "hubs" within the office has become increasingly popular. 

Whether for small meetings or calaborative brainstorms, office acoustics are a great way to keep the to a minimum whilst working and acoustic booths are a great way to create a collaborative space with reduced sound in mind.

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Acoustic booths are easier to configure and shape than pods as they are designed with complete flexibility in mind and can be assembled ‘tool free’ quickly. Some booths are open units which means that they do not have a hinged or closing door facility making them inviting and easily accessible for each user or team. However, when more privacy is needed closed booths are the preferred option with some taking the appearance of phone booths or boxes. The panels on acoustic booths are around 50mm thick and can be covered in acoustic tested fabric both internally and externally providing peaceful haven for each user. 

The flexibility of the booths is appealing as they can be relocated quickly with minimum fuss and do not requier building regulations to be sanctioned. We offer a great selection of acoustic booths for single users, double users and team and meeting. If you need anything more specific to your requirements please do not hesitate to contact us on 01823 663880. 

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