Acoustic Desk Top Screens


Acoustic desk top screens may be the quickest and least expensive way of addressing excess noise within the office as they are usually situated within close proximity to the source and offer a suitable barrier to break reverberation.  Normal desk top screens offer a division and creation of work areas whilst acoustic screens absorb excessive noise as they have acoustic properties such as foam core, porous weave fabric and other tested materials. We often specify 'Cara' a fabric range by Camira Fabrics which is a plain weave fabric and made specifically for vertical panels and acoustic screens. Other screen manufactures specifically use their own fabric which may consist of wool or polyester and some are even made from recyclable fabric.  

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Modern acoustic screens do not necessarily have to fix to the desk top by clamps and can be placed on top of the desk or surface, having a screen or screens like this can make it easier for the user to define their workspace and easily block out areas from where noise may be affecting them. It must be said however that acoustic desk top screens will not completely absorb excess ambient noise as they are usually low enough to retain communication with your co-worker.


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Acoustic desk top screens are often required in busy offices and call centres as each worker or caller needs to retain focus and concentration with minimal distraction. If they find the excess noise is overbearing, due inadequate acoustic solutions, they may struggle to complete tasks or calls to a satisfactory level, leading to low morale and decreased productivity.  It is paramount that the noise levels must be estimated before planning any call centre set up in order to protect workers from unnecessary noise and keeping stress levels in line with the noise levels, ideally low.


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