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Acoustic office screens offer workspace and room dividing solutions whilst significantly reducing the ambient noise or excessive reverberation. The benefit of freestanding screens is that they can be moved to create different areas or zones without too much difficulty, this is of course a less expensive and quicker route, compared to traditional fixed partitioning. Acoustic office screens are visually appealing as they are usually designed and manufactured by industry specialists. These types of screens are often upholstered in vibrant colourful textured fabrics which can offer interesting ways to divide space throughout the interior landscape. They are made up of acoustic properties like memory foam, covered with absorbent acoustic tested fabric and are often up 50mm or 60mm thick

Acoustic freestanding screens are vertical and are usually just below or above head height it means they can also double up as presentation boards and can feature white boards or pinnable surfaces. This makes them ideal for creating meeting spaces as each screen or divider can offer a degree of privacy and noise reduction whilst also functioning as a vital focal point for the presentation or meeting.

Most acoustic freestanding screens come with a linking device so they can be linked together to form a run or line in order to divide the room or space without gaps or interruption. The linking device usually takes the form of a light grey PVC open channel strip, bonded the edges of the screen. A dumbbell shaped PVC strip which is cut to the same height as the screen is then fed through the top and connects the two screens together. This flexible PVC strip also allows the screen to be positioned at angles allowing the user to create flexible layouts. Acoustic screens have also some interesting and inventive ways of being linked together with Buzzi Space range using zippers to hold and link their screens together.

Acoustic office screens or room dividers can be supplied in interesting shapes, some take the form of trees and plants, with the Cactus range from Buzzi Space being particularly eye-catching and adding a colourful playful element to its surroundings.  These new types of screens make a welcoming refreshing change to the more the conventional traditional methods of creating spaces or meeting areas within the office environment or workplace. 

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