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Acoustic Phone Booths

The red phone box became an iconic symbol of London and the UK, but since the late 1990s due to mobile phones, the number of phone boxes has declined sharply. There has however been a resurgence of the phone box throughout modern offices due to the increasing need for privacy and noise reduction, whilst making important calls.

Acoustic phone booths now offer and encourage users to make calls or video conference calling private without disturbing others. Fully enclosed acoustic phone booths are lined with acoustic panels and can be supplied with up-to-date accessories such as whiteboards, USB chargers and , air circulation systems to make your call or video conference more comfortable.

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Features of our acoustic phone booths

Office Reality provides a wide range of acoustic phone booths and boxes to meet your office's requirements.

A blue curved foam booth with a woman on a stool, working on a laptop on a wooden desk shelf fixed into the wall. The wall is wallpaper with a green plant design.

Fully customised booths

Due to the ‘build to order’ specification on almost all Acoustic Phone Booths we can build or customise your booth to your requirements.

These units are usually fitted   with a hinged or sliding toughened door and can be custom-built to order with optional extras such as: 

  • monitor screens for video calls
  • power modules
  • USB chargers
  • whiteboards
  • air circulation


These units often do not feature a base and stand directly on the floor, making it safe, quick and easy to install and relocate.

We can also supply a more open Phone Booth unit which is ‘pod like’ and allows the user easy access whilst still being cocooned acoustically by high sides and acoustically treated panels. The open booths would not feature the optional extras that are available with the fully enclosed Acoustic Phone Box.

a black booth with windows on the front and blue foam on one of the back panels and both of the side panels. A wooden black desk and black desk chair are on the left hand side.
A pink phone booth hood in an office corridor. There is a man standing by the hood with his face hidden and a hand in his pocket.

Hoods for your acoustic phone booth

We also provide acoustic phone hoods which replicate the American phone kiosks and allow the user some degree of privacy whilst still being exposed to external noise. These types of booths are usually in walkways and are fixed to the wall. These booths often feature shelf units and pen holders in order to facilitate taking notes or memos during your call.

Why choose Office Reality for acoustic phone booths?

Free installation

At Office Reality, we believe that upgrading your office should be as stress-free as possible. 

That’s why we offer free installation on all products in our range of acoustic phone booths, ensuring that your new office solutions are set up quickly, efficiently, and without any additional costs.


With years of experience in providing office furniture solutions, Office Reality is a trusted name in designing office spaces that cater to evolving workplace needs. 

Our expertise is reflected in our carefully curated product range, designed to offer the best in comfort and functionality.

Customer satisfaction

We prioritise customer satisfaction and offer transparent customer service and support. All our products come with guarantees, and our customer case studies are a testament to our commitment to quality and reliability.

Can Office Reality help us find the perfect acoustic phone booth?

Office Reality are a proud UK supplier of a range of acoustic phone booths and other acoustic solutions for over 20 years.

For more information about our acoustic phone booths, or to request a custom solution, please contact our expert team. 

We are here to help you create a productive and stylish office environment that allows for privacy during your important phone calls.

Our full acoustic range includes:

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Customer Case Studies

We have helped transform workspaces using our extensive range of products for a number of years.

Don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers have to say:

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