Acoustic Wall Panels and Tiles


Acoustic wall panels are brilliant way of addressing noise pollution within the workplace as they can be easily installed and look aesthetically pleasing due to the various shapes and finishes they are available in. They are highly effective as they can cover large sections of wall or flat surface, almost instantly reducing and absorbing and reducing and noise and echo which may have been reverberating previously. Due to their flat surface, some wall panels and tiles can substitute art work as imagery can be printed on to some acoustic fabrics which like paintings canvas stretch over a wooden framework. 

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Not all acoustic panels and tiles are flat, some are moulded and ‘pushed out’ in angular forms which gives an angular surface of multiple sides, effectively absorbing and reflecting excessive noise in different areas and directions.  

Many wall tiles come in hexagonal, triangular or circular shapes, and when combined together can create some visually interesting patterns.  Coloured and textured fabrics also can enhance a brand by reinforcing colours which are synonymous to the organisation. Some tiles can also be used as signage with arrow shaped panels directing people in a playful way whilst contributing significantly to the acoustics of the entrance or corridor.

Arrow Wall

Tiles and panels are also relatively easy to install and can be fixed to the wall in a number of ways such as wooden battens, magnets, velcro or wall spikes. These methods are classed as ‘secure fixing methods’ which is necessary to ensure that the panel will not be moved once mounted on to the wall. The other method is ‘basic wall mounting’ where you would simply fix a nail or secured screw in to the wall and hang the panel by the rear frame. This is simply the method you would employ to hang a picture, clock or small mirror and some panels come with fixings holes on the back to allow this.

Wall panels are usually 40mm thick and have been tested in some cases to help absorb at least 85% of excess noise and reverberation this will almost certainly help create a more ambient workplace and enhance productivity for the workforce.

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