A baffle or sound baffle reduces the level of airborne sound and are very effective at reducing reverberation and noise because both sides of the baffle are exposed to absorb the noise paths. Typically, baffles are used in buildings which need to provide high levels of sound absorption such as offices, schools, restaurants, sports and concert halls. These types of buildings often incorporate open plan areas and atrium style foyers, the need to protect the occupants from unwanted noise reverberation is paramount. Baffles can be suspended from the ceiling or fixed to the wall and some are freestanding and can be moved and adjusted to deflect noise and sound reverberation. 



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Baffles can come in many shapes and sizes from regular panels to interesting geometric shapes with some taking the form of clouds and pebbles. Imagine being back at primary school and looking up at the ceiling of the classroom or sports hall and seeing various shaped clouds, it would certainly give a feeling of wonder and Due to some baffles being suspended (usually by wire and ring hooks) it means that they do not interfere with other ceiling services such as lighting and air conditioning as the anchor points take up little space.



It’s therefore easier for these ceiling services to be attended to or maintained when utilising this type of acoustic strategy. If moving or reconfiguring the baffles was necessary, there would be minimal disruption as they are a relatively lightweight product.  These types of baffles can also be installed around atriums and skylights keeping the natural light sources to the maximum levels. Natural light is often an important feature within architect plans and interior designer’s specifications so baffles are often welcomed and specified at the early stages. If you are reviewing or planning an acoustic strategy for your workplace or commercial environment please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on 01823 663880.

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