BuzziSpace are a Belgian company formed in 2007. They have developed and created an impressive portfolio of innovative solutions and products, with focus on sound absorption or acoustics for offices, working environments and the home. Their products are unique but also functional, making them instantly recognisable due to the unique production methods, designs and materials employed. Acoustic, ecology and flexibility are the strengths and underpinning values of BuzziSpace. They have strong environmental credentials promoting the recycling and treatment of ecologial materials as well as responsible use of raw materials and energy. The brand provides new ways of working, living and being sustainable.

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One problem faced in the office that pops up frequently is the issue of noise. Noise in the workspace can have profound effects upon the employees and impact negatively on the overall morale and productivity of the office. Noise can dramatically alter our mood levels and this in turn can affect both our mental and physical health. 

This has been a major concern particularly in recent times with the rise of the open plan office and call centres. Both have increased in numbers since the mid 20th century. One way that many employees deal with this problem is through the use of headphones. However, this can also be highly distracting as listening to music loudly can also impact upon concentration levels. It is also seen as something that can be quite anti-social. So, the problem many offices face is how to maintain the social aspect of the open office whilst still allowing employees to work efficiently and without major noise distractions. 

One way to reduce noise pollution in the office is to invest in high quality acoustic products. This is exactly what Buzzispace is - a high quality acoustic system that actively reduces the noise pollution in your office. This range features a selection of cube seating, soft seating, meeting hubs, and desk screens that have all been acoustically treated to help reduce noise and in turn create a happier environment. Choose from a large choice of felt upholstery in a variety of bright colours including Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple, and Pink, among many more. 

Many products in the Buzzi range are environmentally friendly and eco conscious. The Buzziskin, for example, as well as the Buzzicube, is made from 100% recycled materials. This allows you to employ fashionable and eye-catching acoustics into your office whilst still being aware of the materials used.


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