Suspended & Hanging


Suspended tiles or shapes are often quite visually appealing as they have usually been designed by industry specialists with an eye for detail with an understanding of how this type of solution will be used. The most notable design being the Airflake which is a sound absorbing curtain system which can be easily configured by using various hexagonal flakes. This type of suspended system aids sound diffusion by breaking or ‘shattering’ excessive noise whilst at the same time defining different areas.  Most of these types of systems are hung off a rail either straight or curved, which is fixed to the ceiling. 

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Hanging or suspended acoustic solutions are ideal when there is a need to screen off a certain area either visually or acoustically where it may not be possible to build walls or partitions. These types of solutions look very elegent and can be created to make interesting shapes and patterns so would be suited to many other 'softer' environmnents away from offices such as restaurants, galleries, and exhibition stands. The cut out perforated moulded felts such as airflake and airleaf leave allow light to pass through which gives a feel of spaces and openess whilst still creating a aesthetic pleasing solution which offers some protection again noise and visual distraction. 

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