Antibacterial Conference Chairs

Whilst conferences, seminars and large group presentations may be put on hold due to social distancing measures we can still think about future protecting ourselves and workplaces against further potential outbreaks. It is of course still possible to hold these events with reduced capacity as conference chairs in general have always been lightweight, easy to move and reconfigure. It’s now important in this current climate to be able to space them out to a safe distance which is why mobility is a fantastic feature of these chairs. They are also designed to easily stack for easy storage. All our antibacterial conference chairs are easy to wipe clean and feature antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.



Antibacterial conference chairs need to be comfortable, as well as practical to clean and maintain. People will sit on them for potentially hours, so if people are comfortable they can focus more on the presentation or event. Many of our antibacterial conference chairs come in a variety of shapes and designs. Once you have picked the right style, choosing a complementary colour  will be easy as we have a wide range of colours and antibacterial upholstery. This type of upholstery or vinyl is easy to wipe clean.

Polypropylene chairs are also extremely easy to keep clean as the surface is smooth and non porous, meaning germs and bacteria cannot easily infiltrate the seat and back. The Atticus 40 stacking chair for example is a great example of a high density - easy to wipe clean stacking chair. 

The Rosas visitors chair is a great example of a wooden framed, upholstered chair designed for many uses but particularly great in a conference space. The beech wooden frame is solid and hardwearing, so when you are moving it around and storing it away it will be resilient to knocks and bumps.

You can stack up to four chairs to keep them out of the way when you’re not using them. With nearly 100 different antimicrobial fabrics and easy to wipe clean vinyl colours and patterns to choose from, you won’t struggle to find the right colour for your space either.

Want something a bit more contemporary? Our simple yet stylish Contour designer conference chair delivers a designer style with a soft comfortable seat and choice of polypropylene back or fully upholstered. The frame comes in silver as standard but you can upgrade to a shiny chrome finish to add some sparkle. The choice to have arms or not have arms? Well, it depends on what you will be using the chair for, but it’s a very comfortable choice for both meeting rooms and conference halls. Stackable up to five high and again all fabrics are antibacterial or easy to wipe clean vinyl.

Choosing a comfortable antibacterial conference chair has never been so easy and with so much choice we can guarantee the right chair for you. 

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