Antibacterial Swivel Chairs

Antimicrobial swivel chairs are commonplace in medical environments such as hospitals, doctors surgeries and labs. These types of chairs offer doctors, nurses and scientists a level of working comfort whilst being safe in the knowledge that the seat and back material will not harbour any harmful germs or bacteria. The Coronavirus has now shaped our everyday working environments into something resembling a hospital or surgery. Hand sanitizers, antibacterial protection screens and antimicrobial swivel chairs are all appearing into everyday workplaces across the country as we work towards the ‘new normal’. 



A typical office space is usually a busy, high-functioning and often close-knitted environment. Multitudes of various office equipment usually leads to densely packed working areas and with that, more surface area to allow germs and bacteria to multiply. On average, your typical office worker will spend around six hours on their chair throughout the day. Sitting for long periods of time, indoors may increase the likelihood of transmission from person to the upholstery. Antibacterial and antimicrobial chairs are designed to maintain a higher level of control over said transmission. 
Wipe-clean surfaces make it much easier to get a handle on the spread and containment of such germs and with an array of choices including our popular eco wipe clean vinyl chair and high-functioning Turismo Ergonomic Task chair, we aim to provide both safety and selection. 
Antimicrobial swivel chairs have also been popular for staff use in retail environments such as shops, garages and supermarkets. The Prema Polyurethane industrial chair for example is a tried and tested easy to clean chair with a recommended usage of an average shift pattern of 8 hours. 
Whether you’re on a budget or looking to treat yourself to some extra-special comfort, our range of Antibacterial Swivel Chairs will allow you to work in comfort whilst being safe in the knowledge that it is easy to clean when cleaning practice is key and vigilance is necessary.
If you would like to learn more about anti-microbial fabrics and vinyls we have compiled a guide here
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