Privacy Pods & Booths

With potential repositioning of employees at work due to Covid-19 and to lower the transmission risk, individual Privacy pods (sensibly spaced out) are a suitable alternative to traditional open plan furniture and desks. Privacy pods can be easily installed and reconfigured with no detriment to existing furniture and easily removed later when greater density of space is required. Privacy pods do not need to be fixed to the floor as they remain stable when fully assembled. The higher paneled pods can potentially block harmful transmission through talking, coughing and sneezing. Easy to clean Antibacterial and anti-fungal upholstery can be applied to the panels and colour contrasted to suit your company branding or logo.

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Privacy pods have soared in popularity recently as they offer each user a protective shield from ambient noise and visual distractions. It is human nature to want to feel sheltered in a busy environment, such as an open plan office, especially if you want to work without interruption. We also prefer to have our backs protected, as sensing people moving behind us, or knowing there is an open or closed door behind us can create tension and raise levels of personal anxiety.

Acoustic booths are usually dedicated to meetings for groups of 2 to 6 people at a time, sometimes with a central table and mounted monitor screen. However, due to new government guidelines meetings will now be limited, and, if face to face contact is essential, then the meeting should be kept to a minimum of 15 minutes. If temporary protection screens are installed to the table of the booth then these booths could make a suitable meeting point? They are not fully enclosed and offer a protective barrier around the meeting participants. If a multi-person acoustic booth has already been installed within your office, then it could potentially be used as a safer solo workspace rather than an individual working in proximity to others.

Acoustic Booths are designed and manufactured with complete flexibility and practicality in mind. Also known as Privacy Pods or office privacy pods, all our acoustic furniture can be assembled virtually ‘tool free’ and quickly. Some acoustic booths are open units and do not have a hinged door making them easily accessible for individuals or team members. However, when more privacy and protection is needed from an office booth then closed booths are the preferred options with some booths taking the appearance of a phone booth or Phone box. Phone booths and boxes can offer the user complete privacy, reduce ambient noise and contain the spread and transmission of droplets and airborne germs, which may be generated through talking.

It would be recommended at this stage, if you were considering acoustic phone booths in your office, to enquire about the hygiene levels of the upholstery of material internally and externally. To improve hygiene levels it is now necessary to clean the interior of the phone booth after each use. There are a number of performance fabrics and vinyls, which are all anti-microbial, bleach cleanable, waterproof, and flame retardancy to Crib 5.

If you are considering purchasing office privacy pods, acoustic booths or phone booths during this unprecedented time then speak with us about the internal and external coverings. Our design team can advise on hygiene levels of upholstery both internally and externally.



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