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Our range of Desk Protection Screens not only offers people within the workplace a certain level of privacy (which, until only recently, was believed to be their only sole function), they more importantly now minimise the risk of transmission. Easy clean Perspex, acrylic, PET-G and polycarbonate screens are now commonplace in offices across the UK. If your looking to simply adapt existing screens to offer higher levels of protection take a look at our Future Protection Header Guard Screens that clamp to most existing desk mounted screens. 


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One of the simplest solution within our desk top protection screen category is The Titan self-supporting polycarbonate desk top screen. It features a stylish, sturdy, strong white aluminium frame which can be fixed to desks and tables. At 600mm (2 feet approx) high it provides suitable protection for both user and visitor against coughs, sneezes and droplets.

A three sided version is also available which ramps up the protection levels keeping the user enclosed from the left and the right remaining completely visible through the thermoplastic polyester. The Titan screens can also feature a document slot to pass important files r documents through ideal for customer facing roles or management meetings. This version is available in three standard desk sizes from 1220mm, 1400mm to 1600mm we think we have got you covered with the Titan three side PETG desk shield screen.

PTEG or PET-G, is a thermoplastic polyester that provides significant chemical resistance, durability and excellent formability for manufacturing. PETG’s damage resistance is far higher than that of acrylic, to the point that it rivals the impact resistance of polycarbonate. PETG is often found across the medical field as it’s rigid structure allows it to survive harsh sterilization processes, ideal for medical implants and pharmaceutical and medical device packaging.

One of the most inventive and practical solutions we have seen to implementing protective screens to the workplace is the Summit Back to Work Desk Shield screen. These are extremely quick to assemble and are easy to move from desk to desk or table to table. The shield can be rolled around two or 3 poles making a straight or L shaped formation at the recommended infection controlled height of 650mm. These screens are a simple and cost effective solution when considering a covid secure workplace in 2020 and beyond. You can see the video of this screen here.

Our range of Desk Protection Screens not only offers people within the workplace a certain level of privacy (which, until only recently, was believed to be their only sole function), they more importantly minimise the risk of transmission. The desk mounted protection screens that we provide range from singular screens that mount to the back edge of office desks, protection screens that mount to the side of desks to header screens such as our Future Protection Header Guard Screens that clamp to most existing desk mounted screens. 

Our Future Deluxe Laminate Desktop Screens to add a splash of colour and add interest to workspaces. Colours such as Blue, Green, Purple and Pink could be used to zone areas and provide peace of mind as we return to work and embrace the ‘new normal’.

Our safety and protection will now be a constant feature in our fast paced, uncertain, ever changing world. To achieve these safety measures, we need to adjust and adapt our environments quickly. One thing we can now be certain of, is that desk protection screens and desk protection dividers will become commonplace in offices, schools, colleges and universities as well as in libraries as we return to our work or study spaces.

We aim to provide the best choice for the greatest value and so work with supplier partners across Europe to locate a range of office screens to suit a variety of needs. This means we provide a range of desk protection screens to suit all types of budget and applications.


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