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Video Conferencing

Welcome to our Video Conferencing department where you will find an unrivalled choice of video conferencing furniture arrangements suitable for what will become the new way of working as we leave lockdown and steadily return to our workplaces. With current government restrictions in place across workplaces across the UK, many businesses and individuals are now using Skype, Zoom and other video conferencing services for internal meetings and communications. These programs and technologies will be vital in the coming weeks and months ahead to keep businesses operating effectively whilst employees are working at home, the office or remotely.

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Collaboration tools, collaborative furniture and video conferencing however have always had value to offer in our digitally transforming workforce and agile working practices. Even before the lockdown several companies were using video conferencing and AV incorporated booths to encourage agile working to encourage the sharing of ideas and information seamlessley. We have seen a rising demand for a work/life balance which is supported by the use of Video Conferencing. Key workers or vital staff can hold meetings without having to travel and commute to the office, allowing them spend more time working on important projects, leisure or family time.

Reducing or eliminating the travel time to meetings also reduces costs such as fuel, overheads and other expenses for both employer and employee. If we are to return back to work in a staggered and staged approach, then video conferencing will be a useful way to meet or stay in touch with colleagues and clients who are working from home or remotely.

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Maybe, once we are back to work, we will feel more comfortable with what was once seen as a slightly awkward communication method. It appears our guard has now dropped as people are now more familiar seeing colleagues, friends, celebrities and even politicians within their homes.  Our attitudes towards video conferencing or face to face calls is also running parallel to a change in culture overall. Our consumer culture is now video-centric. When video platforms, like YouTube, became commonplace, we started to see that shift. Now, it’s gone much further: instead of people making phone calls, they’re Face Timing each other and this video centric attitude has now reached our workplaces and educational environments.

Another benefit of video conferencing is the ability to screen share with each user making presentations and the sharing of ideas easier to implement and more engaging. You can pull up websites, presentations, blogs whilst still talking. This saves a lot of time, as explaining which website you want your colleague to visit, can be lost in translation and hinder the natural flow of the meeting. We have all been there!

Our unite teardrop multimedia conference table is a perfect solution for those wanting to implement video conferencing to their workplace. They can be used by individuals and small groups who wish to stay in touch with their collegues and co-workers during these times of staggered working and adhering to government workplace guidelines. The Unite multimedia conference tables are extremely versatile, fully AV and IT integrated and meet the high standards expected from todays working practices. The Unite range also has height adjustable options which may be adjusted for users with special height or wheelchair requirements.

Video conferencing Technology and software has improved vastly and now we have all seen and experienced the benefits of talking to colleagues, families and loved ones through video links. Our attitudes have changed dramatically towards this method of communication so it should only be a natural progression to see this technology introduced more into the evolving workplace.