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Another overlooked accessory in the office are bins. We have a comprehensive selection of bins that can be used for a wide range of purposes. We have small bins that can be used under the desk, bins for use in break out areas or staff rooms and large recycling bins including Slim Jim bins. 

Our range of bins for the office are available for a free UK mainland delivery service as standard.

Health and safety is more important than ever in the office environment with some offices having a huge amount of employees working together at the same period of time. One way health and safety can be managed is through basic hygiene requirements and ensuring that employees clean up after themselves. This leaves the office clutter free and so can prevent any nasty slips, trips or injuries that may occur. By ensuring that each employee has a bin, or that each small section of the office has its own bin, you can prevent the office getting unnecessarily messy. This itself will impact positively upon your employees and can have a long lasting effect on the office morale.