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Economy Reception Desks

Many companies or organisations do not require large reception desks, and can simply choose a modular, straight, or curved section to work as a standalone desk, perfect if you have limited space. Budget reception desks are not compromised on aesthetics, or style, due to components such as LED lights now becoming more affordable and readily available. Gloss (especially white gloss) is a popular finish for reception desks and is affordable, offering a contemporary look and feel to your space.

It’s a well-known conception that communication is key to a successful business or workspace. The reception area is one of the most important spaces in the office environment, as it’s usually where the initial point of contact is made. This initial communication, with both potential clients and existing customers, is vital to ensuring a good first impression.

You can still make an impression on a budget however, as the MG and Flite reception desks for example, can be supplied with an optional LED coloured controlled lighting module. Available in many combinations and sizes, our economy reception desks certainly do not lack in imagination or design. You can also find modular desks, gloss fronted desks, coloured glass fronted desks, and corian designer reception desks within our main reception desks section.

If you require a reception desk quickly, a fair few of our economy options are held in stock, meaning they can generally benefit from a fast delivery service. This, along with all deliveries of our other items on Office Reality, is of course, free of charge. Installation is also available upon request (on some items may already be included), so please contact us if you’d like to add this to any item.

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