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Coat Stands

Our selection of coat stands that can be used in the office, staff room or at home. Choose from a wide range of different styles including designer coat stands, coat racks or choose from our section of budget coat stands.

Studies have shown that the hygiene, neatness and organisation of a workspace can influence the efficiency of the employees and a well organised environment can boost productivity. An area in which employees feel their belongings are secure and safe can also have positive effects on their abilities as a clean and tidy work environment sets a high standard for those within it.

Coat stands are a great way to guarantee employees belongings are kept in a good condition and out of the way of desk spaces to ensure that a clutter free environment is easily kept. Stands can be used for a wide range of clothing, umbrellas and bags and this is particularly useful on rainy days when belongings will be damp. It is important to ensure that wet belongings do not come into contact with technology and plug sockets and so by investing in a coat stand you can protect your equipment and keep your staff safe.

We have a wide range of office coat stands available for a variety of budgets. For cheap stands that are still high quality take a look at our Value range which provides a selection of budget coat stands in a number of different styles and finishes. Designer stands are ideal for office and home spaces which feature eye-catching unique pieces of furniture – we have an extensive range of designer coat stands to suit specific needs. For settings that have a large number of employees a coat rack may be more useful and so be sure to check out our Rack range.

Our range of coat racks and coat stands features products in a wide variety of colour options and in a number of materials including both Wood and Metal. For more information on our coat stand range and how to buy please call our expert sales team who will be happy to help you further. All of our coat stands and racks are available for free delivery to UK mainland addresses.