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Combination Screens

Our range of combination split office screens are made from acrylic, fabric or wood. Also called semi glazed screens, these office screens feature a combination of glazing on the top half with a choice of wood or fabric on the bottom. A more recent combination includes a whiteboard section, which also creates another helpful use for the dividers.

Combination screens are popular in environments requiring full length dividers, but not wanting to darken the surrounding area. The translucent or transparent glazed top section, allows light to pass through, meaning there isn’t a negative impact on mood within the workspace. If privacy isn’t a requirement, both sections can be glazed and fully transparent on our Deluxe range.

If the layout is likely to change within your workspace, many of our combination screens are supplied with castors, allowing for easy manoeuvrability. Once in position, the castors can generally be locked, so wouldn’t move with any light contact. If movement isn’t required at all, we also have many options supplied with a freestanding foot, for supported balance.

Recently, a whiteboard option at the top divide of combination screens has become increasingly popular. It creates an additional purpose for the screens and can be great in educational settings. Paired with a fabric bottom half, our Motus Floorstanding Mobile Screens are a perfect example of the above. A tool rail is included at the divide section of these screens, allowing a pen and paper tray to be attached upon request.

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