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Education Furniture

Educational furniture plays a pivotal role in creating conducive learning environments for students of all ages. From preschools, schools, and colleges to universities, the design and functionality of furniture impact students’ comfort, focus, and overall academic experience. We offer a comprehensive range of educational furniture from classroom desks and tables to colourful polypropylene chairs and classroom storage solutions.

Educational furniture

Educational furniture can range from the school’s reception area through to soft seating and computer chairs. Functional educational furniture enhances the learning environment contributing to a better performance from students and pupils.

There are many features to look for when selecting furniture for educational purposes. In most cases, the overriding requirements are the strength and durability of the furniture because it is often subject to demanding usage.

There are many factors to consider when trying to source educational furniture for schools, colleges and universities. Here are a few significant factors that should be considered when procuring educational furniture.


Like office furniture, educational furniture needs to be flexible and adaptable. Furniture that can be easily rearranged to accommodate different teaching methods, group sizes, and activities fosters a dynamic learning environment.

Tables and chairs with wheels or lightweight designs allow for quick and effortless rearrangement for use in multipurpose spaces too.

A good example of flexible furniture within a multifunctional space is our Kings Weald Community Centre. To see the case study click here


Educational furniture needs to withstand heavy daily use. Quality materials and construction ensure longevity, reducing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance.

This is particularly important for institutions with limited budgets. The colourful POP chair is a great example of a multipurpose chair which can be used inside or outside and can stack up to 10 high.

Fully welded framed tables are constructed with all components permanently welded together making for an exceptionally strong frame. These types of tables are also extremely durable and made to last so are very popular in educational environments, schools and colleges.


Collaborative education, also known as cooperative learning, is an instructional approach that emphasises active participation, interaction, and collaboration among students.

It involves students working together in small groups to achieve common learning goals, solve problems, and complete tasks. The Synergy Quad Collaborative Tables with integrated with technology are built for learning and collaboration.

These collaborative tables are available in three different sizes and can seat 4 to 20 people. Additionally, the Colab Sofa Booth is a semi-private seated booth that can feature a monitor and display screen for presentation purposes.


Storage in schools is essential for maintaining an organised and functional learning environment. Comprehensive storage solutions help schools efficiently manage resources, keep classrooms tidy and ensure safety. Typically, storage for primary-age pupils consists of tray units which are available in many different shapes, sizes and colours.

The Mobilo shallow tray storage is a popular choice of tray storage solutions and can be moved easily and effortlessly.

Lockers are one of the most popular storage solutions within schools and colleges. Locker storage provides personal storage space for belongings such as backpacks, textbooks, lunchboxes, jackets and sports gear.

The Leo Compartment Lockers are a high-quality steel solution that has proved to be very popular due to the number of door options available and primary colours. Incorporating these types of lockers reduces the need for students to carry all their belongings with them throughout the school day, which can be cumbersome and lead to disorganisation.

Storage solutions at schools, colleges and universities can also feature in the more administrative areas, such as the reception, staff room and other offices. Filing cabinets, tambour cupboards, metal cupboards and bookcases can all be found in different areas.

What other factors should I consider when buying educational furniture?

Education furniture can be one of the hardest decisions a school, college or university has to make. This may be less so for colleges and universities, but not only do you have to consider how the furniture looks, but you have to think about the pupil’s comfort throughout the day.

Before you consider the colour of the furniture or how it is going to fit into the area that you have, you should think about, particularly in primary schools, the size of the chairs and tables.

Education chairs and tables can come in a range of different sizes to suit the age of the children that are going to be using them. For example, a child that is aged 3 is not going to be able to use the same chair that a child aged 8 can use and vice versa. During the early years of a child’s life, the growth between each year is so rapid that the furniture should understandably meet the child’s requirements.

Other aspects of education furniture include classroom storage, lockers and playtime accessories. Especially with younger children, it has been proven that the correct use of bright colours can help to stimulate the child and help them develop. Taking this into account, you will want to make sure that the colours you use work well together and do not clash. Not only this but the colours in the room can also be used to help the child learn and be used as a teacher’s aid as well.