Exam Desks

A collection of exam tables that are available with a solid beech wooden table top and fitted on a choice of crush bent frame for added durability.

At Office Reality we aim to provide high quality furniture at great value for money. Our range of Exam Desks are designed to be strong, durable and hard-wearing meaning that they can withstand rigorous use in tough conditions. They are also minimalist in design as to not distract from the examination process.

Another feature that is vital to exam tables is the ability to be stored away easily. Usually these types of tables are only in use for short periods of time during the year and the rest of the year they need to be stored away so that the exam hall can be used for other events. We provide several styles of tables with two main storage options – stackable and folding. These both ensure that the tables can be stored away easily when not in use allowing the exam space to be cleaned efficiently and used for other purposes.

Our range of Exam Tables are great for use in schools, colleges, universities and libraries. Buy education furniture from Office Reality and have your order delivered free of charge to UK mainland addresses as standard. 

Online Reality

Online Reality is an ECommerce web site from Office Reality supplying quality products at value for money prices

Cafe Reality

Café Reality is the leading online supplier of contract furniture to the leisure industry


Edu-Quip is an online resource for those who look to source and buy education furniture, products and equipment for schools, colleges, universities and other educational establishments