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A selection of IT desks and computer desks for classrooms, schools and other education facilities. These classroom desks feature lockable storage compartments to keep CPUs safe and to protect from damage.

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Computers and laptops are a staple in the 21st century education sector. With the rise of technology comes the rise of security systems needed to protect such pieces of equipment and this can be difficult in large scale areas such as schools, colleges and universities as well as in office spaces.

Our range of IT desks and computer desks contains some unique pieces of furniture that have been designed with security in mind. Each product featured in this range has a lockable storage compartment in which laptops and computers can be kept safe when not in use. This prevents theft and also makes the closing down at the end of the school day much easier. Usually when not in use laptops would be collected and stored away in a separate space. However, by using these locking IT desks you save time and storage space by keeping the laptop and computer in one place. The desk itself is then useable as a standard table when the laptop is locked inside.

We provide a range of IT desks in a variety of sizes to suit specific environments and users. If you need help in selecting the appropriate desk for your space don’t hesitate to get in touch. All of our education furniture is delivered free of charge to UK mainland addresses. 

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