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School Chairs & Classroom Chairs

There is a wide range of education seating and school chairs available within the furniture industry so you can be forgiven in thinking that this is no easy task to get right when refurnishing any school or classroom environment.

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Classroom seating has a reputation for being notoriously difficult to get right as it is one of the most important factors in an educational setting. Many things in a classroom are a necessity, the tables, storage, and stationery, but seating is important as it can seriously affect the user’s abilities as well as their growth.

Find the right classroom seating that suits you

There has long been a debate in the furniture design and manufacturing industries about what is more important when it comes to producing seating – form or function. For the majority of seating types most tend to agree that both form and function are of equal importance, with this being easily seen in the iconic pieces of designer furniture in the 20th century which combined both aspects to create influential seating. However, within education seating the function of the chair should always be considered first, as children grow extremely quickly the younger they are and so are of more varying sizes and shapes than adults. The seating provided in educational settings needs to be suitable to ensure the children are sitting with good posture whilst still being comfortable.

If classroom seating causes discomfort the users productivity can be affected and their concentration levels can drop rapidly. This is not only bad for their education but also for their health, as slouching or slumping can have negative effects upon posture, growth and development which can all have consequences in later life.

The next step is assessing the function of a seat is what function is actually serves – does it fit the purpose it is going to be used for? At Office Reality we provide a range of classroom seating in subsections – from Computer Chairs and Soft Seating, to Early Years Seating, Classroom Stools and Classroom Chairs. Each section provides seating that has been specifically designed for a different application whilst still physically supporting the child.

You may also want to consider the colour of your seating. Younger children are a lot more susceptible to colours than adults and so this factor should be considered as the colour of your seating can create an aesthetic that effects the atmosphere and ultimately the education process.

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