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Tray Units and Storage

This section contains all of our classroom storage options for use in preschools, primary schools and any other educational application and institutes.

Numerous studies have shown that the organisation, neatness and overall hygiene of an office space drastically effects the productivity and efficiency of the employees in such a space. A cluttered environment has been proven to be distracting and many people, in their own home, follow the old saying ‘a tidy home is a tidy mind’. The classroom then – as a place of learning – is just as important in regards to the mind as say the home or the office space can be. It is within the classroom that a child not only learns about numbers, words and so on, but also about everyday life lessons and so the organisation of the classroom can impact upon a child’s mind in a variety of ways.

Classroom organisation is incredibly important and a neat and tidy classroom can benefit pupils in a number of ways. Not only does it send out a positive message – an expectation of personal pride and hard work – it also can impact upon the behavior of the child. As young children can struggle with organisational skills it is vital to set a good example and a neat and tidy environment gives pupils structure within the classroom.

It can be difficult when managing a large class to keep files and documents in order. Often the organisation is the least important aspect of the classroom but one way to ensure that the area stays organised is to invest in classroom storage.

We provide an extensive range of cheap classroom storage in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles and colour finishes. Choose from tray storage, compartment storage, combi shelves and cupboards in many different colours – Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple and Grey among others.

Get organised today! Buy classroom storage and tray storage from Office Reality and get a free UK mainland delivery service as standard across all of your orders.