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Ergonomic Office Chairs

We spend more time at work than anywhere else in our lives and many of us spend more time sitting on an office chair than on anything else. A well designed comfortable seating option is therefore essential for improving posture and performance, whilst preventing potential damage to your back, neck, and shoulders. An ergonomic chair, however, is not necessarily designed to make you more comfortable or to support your problematic ailments. Whilst the features of the chair should certainly alleviate and help these aches and pains, a well-designed ergonomic chair will help you to encourage movement.  Movement is essential to your wellbeing and should prevent you from sore backs and stiff necks, as being in one position all day, inevitably leads to these type of problems.  A good ergonomic chair will have components such as adjustable lumbar support, back height adjustment, free float tilt and adjustable armrests all designed to move with you, not just for you.