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Filing Cabinets

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Our filing cabinets are of high quality and are manufactured to meet British Standards for strength and stability. The filing cabinet is one of the most popular storage solutions for keeping and organising files, usually A4 suspension files, which can be hung from the internal side parts of the drawers.

Good storage space is vital for the office environment. Numerous studies have found results that show that a cluttered workspace can drastically impact on our performance. When the environment is chaotic our brains often become distracted and cannot focus or process information as well. This negative effect upon productivity can also be bad for health as feeling disorganised often leaves us feeling stressed, and stress, as studies have also shown, can be extremely damaging to both physical and mental health.

To prevent this and to ensure that your employees or team are able to relax and concentrate not only benefits the individuals. On a whole the office morale will be boost as a stress-free environment encourages healthy relationships to develop and this in turn can positively impact and boost productivity, ensuring the success of the company.

One way to help the office stay decluttered is by using filing cabinets. We offer an extensive range of filing cabinets – both wood and metal – in a wide variety of styles and sizes including 2 drawer, 3 drawer and 4 drawer options.

Filing cabinets in a huge range of colours

We now offer filing cabinets in a wide spectrum of colours which can be selected and chosen from our new drop down menu on the website. If these aren’t clear enough for you we can send the physical colour sample to your office or home at no extra charge. The popular Kontrax range of filing cabinets are available in a choice of 22 colours in two, three and four drawer formats and are suitable for use with foolcap suspension files. We also have a range of security filing cabinets which benefit from a security bar along the front of the cvabinet thereby providing a physical barrier which is locked into place and preventing theft.

Avalon Prime two tone wooden filing cabinets offer 19 carcass colours and 24 drawer front colours. There is also a good choice of drawer handles with these cabinets. Avalon is available with free delivery and installation to mainland UK

We also suppy A3 Jumbo metal filing cabinets with an unrivalled 15 year guarantee and available in a choice of 22 vibrant colours. These high quality cabinets are passed by FIRA and offer full 100% drawer access.

Please read our article blog Office Storage and the Functional Workplace for some insightful information on office storage and filing cabinets

Buy filing cabinets for your office with confidence from Office Reality, a leading supplier of filing cabinets in the UK.