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Flipcharts & Easels

When giving a presentation it can often be difficult to get your ideas across properly. That is why many people choose to use accessories that are designed to help you with this process. Through the use of flipcharts and easels you can help your audience visualise your ideas and enable them to see it in simple terms. This is perfect for office meetings, business pitches, schools, colleges, and universities.

People may choose to use flip charts rather than a dry-wipe board for a presentation for several reasons. Firstly, it allows you to draw out your presentation before hand so each page is pre-filled with information on your topic. Secondly, it is more permanent, so you can remove the pages once you are done and give them away or keep them for future reference. Thirdly, it a creative space that is often used by artists or art students as it allows them to have a base to draw upon rather than something that will be wiped away.

The flipchart itself can be traced all the way back to 1918. However, the flipchart that we most commonly know today was actually invented in the 1970s by Peter Kent, the CEO of a visual communications group. As time has gone on the flipchart has developed to the point where it is available in a digital self writing form with a self heightening mechanism.

The flipchart is a great way accessory to use in your meetings, presentations, and creative life. Buy your flipcharts and easels with Office Reality, one of the leading suppliers of office accessories in the UK, and receive your order with our free delivery service to any UK mainland address as a standard.

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