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This is our collection of ergonomic footrests to be used whilst sitting at your desk to help promote a good posture. All of our footrests are adjustable to suit the needs of the user, with some having further functions such as a slide and electrical operation.

It is important to those working long office hours at a computer to ensure that the furniture they use supports their health and posture. Ergonomic furniture is the best way to do this as it has been designed with the human body in mind. In this section you can find our range of ergonomic footrests that have been designed to promote good posture. There is a variety of footrests available in this range with a number of different features and available to suit a number of budgets.

Footrests elevate the feet and legs and in doing so relieve pressure from the lower back. Many of the rests in this range have a bumpy surface that offers a massage system to the user to relieve tired feet. There is also the option of a warming footrest, such as the Fellowes Professional Climate Control Foot Support, which has two heat settings to gently warm and soothe the feet and offer comfort to the user. 

It is vital to maintain your employee's health, both mental and physical. By using ergonomic furniture, you can ensure your employees are looked after and in turn feel positive, alert, and productive. We deliver all of our ergonomic accessories for free to UK mainland addresses.