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Avalon Post Bench System

Our Avalon Post benches are unrivalled in their category thanks to a range of stunning finishes and configurations. With affordable pricing and incredibly sturdy frames, these are the perfect choice for a busy office. Our classic finishes, such as Anthracite and Light Oak, effortlessly complement any environment, but for the ultra-modern office our very popular Mocha and Slate finishes provide something with a little different whilst remaining completely professional. For those who don't wish to take the risk, our Beech and White finishes provide a simplistic and professional look without breaking the bank.

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A helping hand or suggestion is sometimes all that's needed to bring your new space to life. Here at Office Reality our team of designers can assist and visualise your space using the latest 3D technology. Let us make any space, regardless of size, become a reality for you.
With a range of 17 different finishes, the Avalon Post range of office desks can become anything you want them to be. Anthracite and Mocha are some of our more popular finishes at the moment, so why not take a look and decide for yourself?

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