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Trapezo Style Bench Desk

Trapezo and the Unity Industrial Bench systems both an ideal solution for those looking to start up a co-working space or venture. The shared desk philosophy alllows human interaction, which many freelancers feel they would miss, if working solely from home.

Both the Trapezo and Unity feature industrial style, solid, contemporary leg frames and structure with a choice of tops in stunning wood finishes with the option for cut outs ports or scalloped edges for the cabling in the centre. Both units can double up as either shared desks or tables making them a good flexible alternative for multi use event organisations.

They also make a suitable alternative for working desks within the office as they can be fitted with dividing screens and cable management trays.


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Benefits of Trapezo Bench System

  • Solo or bench desks meet various layout requirements, while retaining harmonious style
  • Top depths reduces to 70cm (same as Buro and Saturn) in order to save space and accomodate new employees
  • Recessed leg allowing opening in order to move easily from one desk to another without breaking your movement
  • Legs are connected by a central beam to create a perfectly rigid assembly, a strong, solid desk system at low cost
  • Cable channels feed through ports or cable cut aways to high capacity metal channels
  • Dividers easy to fit and assemble to allow for greater privacy and greater concentration

Benefits of Unity Bench System / Table

  • Large table area to give users sufficient space to work
  • Suitable number of power sockets to recharge battetries of laptoos, mobile phones and other electronic devices
  • Robust table with legs connected by a central beam to create a perfectly rigid asssembly
  • Legs arranged intelligently to place as many people as possible around the table when co-working

CAT Trapezo and Unity Footer Office Reality

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