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Matilde Call Center Booths

Call centre work requires focus and concetration and a comfortable work desk is important. The Matilde booth's offer this and much more. The side panels give the operator privacy, space and a reduction in noise to be able to concentrate on their calls.

Available in different sizes and arrangements, the Matilde booths will fit into various sized spaces, as they are avaialble in different sized bundles. Not only practical and comfortable but also stylish, the side panels come in differernt finishes to suit your office space and taste.

The Matilde booths can be added to libraries and LRC's so individuals can work with privacy and comfort. A choice of six wood finishes with two-tone options give you the option for contrasting or matching finishes.

Matilde booths are supplied with foot levellers for uneven floors. The hard-wearing E1 melamine tops are long-lasting and strong. The inbuilt cable port keeps cables tidy and out of sight.

These booths come in different size arrangements, accomodating between one to sixteen people. With the addition of side panels the booths are particularly well suited for call centers because unlike conventional desks they have integrated dividers. Made to order and delivered free to mainland UK.