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The Goggle Desk

The Goggle Desk for those executives who want something a little different. Imposing dimensions, thick solid surfaces and storage units which adapt to the desks full volumes and shapes. The worktops are made up of big thick, glossy lacquers which accentuates the impressiveness of the stand alone desk. The internal colour  or finishes of the desk can also be specified to your liking in contrast matt chromatic finishes or simply the same finish as the desk top surface. 


The Goggle desks personality also comes from a rich choice of colourse enabling black and white monochromatic solutions or bi chromatic ones that harmonize with every taste and environment. The external finishes are comprimised of glossy white and glossy black and the internals can be specified in matt yellow, matt laquered purple or matt lacqurered fango grey or a harmonic light olive wood finish. The Goggle desk is also complimented by a credenza unit with the same flowing and enveloping design, with lacqured or wooden doors. Taking inspiration from the Mediterranean it's an executive solution which certainly differs from the usual executive and presidential programmes.