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Arkitek Glass Desks

Arkitek is a full program of desks which respond to an architectural vision for equipping offices. Models that provide operative solutions incorporating a unique design and high materials. The structure is made entirely of aluminium and is a result of extensive engineering development that gives the program greater flexibility to configure individual, double and progressive desks. Arkitek shows its avant-guard side exclusively for personal and management office. A robust solid structure that supports a thin suspended work surface in phenolic or glass. The range is extremely versatile and uses organic forms which grant a contremporary character and a freshness associated with glass material and polished aluminum.

The Arkitek program shares a concept of architecture. The Arkitek program celebrates an architecural artistic concept by adopting architectural structural form but within the structural make up of the furniture. The development of engineering and the technology. Arkitek also embraces shared or independent wings for operative progressive poisitions. The range has accessories which complimety the main structure of the leg frame including aluminium modesty panels and functional add on elements which can be used for people to sit for a temporary meeting or catch up. The frame work is what sets Arkitek apart and the frame is offered in different finishes including alumium, white, black, polished and chromed. The range is complimented by other ranges from the website including the Block storage range and can also be matched with the Armarious storage range.


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