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Health Care Chairs

This is our range of healthcare chairs that are ideal for use in hospitals, doctors surgeries, hospices and nursing homes. All of these chairs feature an extra high back and extra padded seat cushioning for added comfort.

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Health Care Chairs For Hospitals, Surgeries & Care Homes

In hospitals, doctor’s surgeries, hospices and nursing homes the seating is an important part of creating a comfortable and safe environment for the people within the space. There are several factors to consider when browsing for health care chairs.

A sturdy base is one of the most important aspects of the chair in a healthcare setting. The chair must be able to be firmly sat upon the ground with little or no chance of being tipped over. Often, users may heavily drop into the chair, or use the chair for support when standing. The chair must be sturdy as to offer support to somebody leaning upon it.

The arms of the chair is the next important factor of the seat to consider. Arms can act as a hoist and allow users to pull themselves up when needed. They should be at the right level for the user to grasp onto but still feel comfortable. This is also the case for the seat height – ensure the seat height is appropriate for the user and avoid seats that may slope backwards. Safety is essential is health care settings and users must feel secure and protected when using the chair. For more information on the dimensions of any of our chairs please feel free to contact our design team who can help you assess the best chair for your application.

Another important feature is the ability to be cleaned. Many of our health care seating solutions offer upholstery that can be easily unzipped and removed for easy maintenance. Other chairs are built with anti-bacterial fabric that kills dirt and bacteria. These types of features are ideal in a hospital, surgery, hospice or nursing home and can make the job of the employees much easier as well as ensuring the hygiene and safety of the users. 

Available in a range of different fabric colours to choose from, these chairs are built to a high quality. Buy healthcare chairs from Office Reality for a free UK mainland delivery straight to your door. For more information about out healthcare chair range, please call our dedicated sales team.

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