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Kite Modular Folding Tables

The Kite range of folding meeting tables is available in a range of different shapes including square, rectangular and diamond so that you can create a wide variety of configurations depending on what you need to achieve meeting room.

Kite’s modular folding tables provide innovative solutions for meeting rooms, training halls and conference spaces. They have also proven popular in schools, colleges and universities. Often such spaces require transforming to suit a variety of purposes. By investing in a Kite combination you are allowing your boardroom to have the potential to change when required and be built to suit different purposes.

For years offices have been searching for furniture that is easy to move, store away and reconfigure when required. Kite listened to these issues faced in conference spaces and designed a table that is flexible, featuring an exclusive shape that can be used to create a huge amount of configurations. At this moment Kite products are available in 17 countries around the world and have received several design awards demonstrating their innovativeness and unique approach to furniture.

The multi-functional conference room is one which can be seen more and more frequently today as companies often hold a variety of different style events. The shape of the table reflects on the space and the event taking place and so we provide a range of Kite combinations that can be used in different spaces for different needs.

These folding meeting tables also have optional wheels that can be added for easy transportation between rooms and can be stored away easily when not in use. Buy Kite folding meeting tables from Office Reality online and get your order delivered to a UK mainland address absolutely free.

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