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A wide range of lockers in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and styles. Great for sport centres, schools, colleges, hospitals and offices. Solid steel construction matched with an antibacterial coating in a large range of products, makes these lockers safe and secure. All lockers are delivered for free anywhere in the UK and come with a minimum 12 month warranty.

It is surprising how quickly offices, schools and workplaces can become cluttered. In order to prevent this from happening it’s important to consider the best storage solutions to suit your needs. Alongside shelves, cabinets and mobile storage systems lockers can be a great way to provide storage space in a busy work environment.

Lockers can be used in a wide variety of places and not just in schools. Lots of large offices use lockers to provide storage spaces for employees so that they can have a personal space that ensures the protection of their belongings. Restaurants, bars and cafes also have begun to use lockers for their staff as it is a health and safety hazard in hospitality to have personal belongings lying around. By cutting out clutter in the workspace companies can have a positive impact upon productivity as well as ensuring the safety of the staff, customers and visitors alike.

Lockers also provide a safe space and this boosts the security of the workspace. When used in schools they can also impact upon the health of students as it ensures they are not carrying around heavy books and stationery for long periods of time. Our range of lockers are all high quality and built to be durable, long-lasting and secure. They can withstand rigorous use in high traffic areas.

How to choose the right locker for your business

We have a comprehensive choice of metal and wooden lockers to suit all applications in this article we set out the different types of lockers in the marketplace to help you make the right decision.

Metal Storage Lockers

These lockers are the most common type of lockers seem in general use across gymnasiums, leisure centres, Schools and Colleges. Compartment size storage lockers are great for storing personal effects with the four-door version being the most popular as ist offers a greater degree of individual compartments over a given space. Manufactured in steel they usually come with a choice of coloured door to add to the design and look of the area. As clothing is often stored within the compartment it is useful to have compartments to be vented to the clothes are always kept fresh. When ordering several lockers there is a cost benefit in buying them in nests, generally up to a nest of three. This also adds to the overall stability of the lockers in a freestanding situation.  These lockers come with flat tops as standard with the option of sloping tops which prevent its being left on the top of the locker thereby keeping the area neat and tidy.

School Lockers

While the standard lockers are often seen in schools there ar also lockers that are reduced in height to allow children to access person belonging and other items without the assistance of an adult. They have the same features as standard metal lockers and are often seen with vibrant door colours to inject a sense of fun into the area. The colours can also be used to define the area and add to the theme of the classroom. Older children will find lockers useful for the storage of books and homework that relate to a class that is coming up later in the day, this will leave them free and unencumbered to enjoy and concentrate on other activities. School lockers are available with standard cam locks or padlock and hasp, although we often see that locks aren’t used for storing children’s clothing and personal items. Cube lockers are useful for use in Schools as they can be stacked and individualised to an area. They are a flexible solution and can be used in spaces to get the maximum number of compartments within the area.

Laminate Door Lockers

Laminate door lockers such as the Shock Box are a good alternative to the more common steel door version. They are quieter in their operation so are favoured for use in offices, waiting areas and conference centres.  They are also more impact resistant and less likely to dent when compared with a steel door. The carcass is steel and so the locker still retains the inherent strength of a metal locker. Lockers with laminated door fronts are great for customising the area as there are options of solid colour and wood effect doors. Timber box laminated door lockers are available in four wood finishes to give an executive appeal. When creating a combination of these lockers it useful to complete the combination with a finishing panel which will add to the overall visual appearance.

Wooden Lockers

The have seen an increase in the demand for wooden lockers following the return to work since the pandemic and in the growth of hybrid working. Office workers may only spend part of their time in the office and part of the time at home, this has brought about a requirement to have the possibility of leaving personal files and documents and other items within a lockable compartment. Coded locks are often preferred over keys which are often lost as the user of the compartment is often changed. While they are often more expensive wooden lockers are quieter in operation over the steel alternative and have an aesthetic that is better suited to an office. There are also options that have a post slot which is useful when leaving mail and messages to an induvial who isn’t there.

Combination Lockers

Compartment and clothing lockers can often be combined to suit a wide variety of applications. The Leo two-person locker is a combination of clothing storage with upper storage areas for associated equipment. The Elite combination locker is great for workers who need to change into a uniform when they arrive to work such as Nurses or Emergency workers. There is space for clothing to be hung up with compartments for other effects and an upper shelf for headgear etc.  Clean and Dirty lockers are also favoured for uniforms or outdoor workers who need to wear Hi Vis workwear. The locker is split into two compartments with upper storage so clothes and belongings are separated from workwear.

Vision Panel Lockers

Some lockers have doors with vision panels so the contents of the lockers can be easily viewed. These lockers are great when you have a application where users need to quickly identify which lockers are available for use or where a visual form of stock taking is required.


Leo compartment lockers are a universally popular solution with a solid fully welded structure and doors in a choice of colours. These lockers are found in schools, colleges, sports venues and gyms. They are also available in cost saving nests of 2 and 3 for most sizes. There are also several lock options including digital locks choices.

Silverline offer a value for money and quick next day solution with single and two door lockers in single and two door choices. Available in a Silver grey finish and delivered flat packed for easy self assembly.

Post pandemic the office has become a destination with workers spending some time working from home and travelling top the office for meetings and interaction with other co workers. This change has created a demand for compartment lockers for personal effects. Wood is usually the preferred choice as it is softer and quier than the metal alternatives.

Avalon lockers are a great solution with a great choice of finishes giving the opportunity to customise with contasting colours, such as this chequered design.  There is also the option of adding a mail slot a good solition for passing meassges and post to workers who only occasionally visit

The Scaffali range of wooden lockers offers similar design opportunites and has keyless code lock handles as standard which removes the probelm of losing keys and the admin time of managing keys when there are changes within the workforce. We have found these lockers to be very popular within call centres and contact centres.

We have a wide range of lockers in a variety of styles, sizes, materials and colours. Buy lockers from Office Reality and have them delivered to any UK mainland address absolutely free of charge.