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Designer Tables

A selection of designer tables perfect for all office environments and can be used as meeting room tables, boardroom tables or executive desks.  All of our designer tables are manufactured to the highest quality with a choice of wood or glass depending on preference.

High-quality designer boardroom tables for any modern office

As a space for executives to meet with both existing and potential clients the boardroom is an important area that reflects on the attitude and work ethic of the company it is representing. In this sense, image is everything. However, the most aesthetically pleasing room can be useless if it doesn’t serve the purpose it was designed to do. Thus, the furniture used in a boardroom can impact either positively or negatively on decisions made within the room. In selecting the appropriate furniture for your conference space it is vital to consider the two key points of the space – aesthetics and functionality.

As a room in which serious decisions are made the boardroom table should reflect this and set the correct tone for communication between the users. Here, getting the balance between aesthetics and functionality is vital.

Designer boardroom tables at affordable prices

The aesthetics is important as a worn, depressed looking table will instantly create a negative impression when holding meetings. Instead, a designer boardroom table should be clean and attractive. Many styles can be chosen depending on décor but this should be reflected upon deeply as to what ambience you are trying to create. For example, a glass boardroom table and a traditional wooden boardroom table are very different in style but can both be used to portray a serious and hard-working image.

Functionality is just as important as aesthetics in the boardroom as you could own the most beautiful table in the world but if your guests cannot see you properly, hear you properly or communicate effectively then it is useless. Consider the shape of the table and think about what kind of meetings you will be holding most often.

A good way to ensure that both functionality and aesthetics are combined is to invest in a designer boardroom table. Our range of designer tables have all been built to the highest standard and are simple yet all unique and attractively designed. This is important as the designer table is attractive but not distracting. All of our designer furniture is available for free delivery to UK mainland addresses. We offer a free 3D visual space planning service that can ensure you feel confident in your order. Please get in contact for more information. 

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