Flip Top Tables

Flip Top tables are perfect for meeting rooms and are also fitted with castors allowing an easy storage solution. All of our flip top meeting room tables are delivered free of charge to any UK mainland address.

The table used in a meeting room often holds a position of centrality and special importance in an office. It is the place where important decisions are made, and so the table must emphasise the hard working attitude of the company. The table, although the focal point of the conference room, should be attractive but also simple to ensure that it does not distract or become a hindrance to those around it.

Many offices today require conference rooms that can be transformed for other purposes. Often events are held in conference rooms that differ from the average meeting and so the space needs to be able to be changed quickly and safely. For this purpose, flip-top tables can be a guaranteed help.

All of our flip top tables sit upon strong structures that feature wheels. This means the tables can be easily moved around and the configuration of the tables can be easily changed. When not in use the table tops are easily flipped up and stored away effectively to save space. This can also help to maintain a top level of hygiene as it is much easier for a cleaner to clean the floor effectively when tables are not in the way.

We provide a range of flip top tables that are great value for money and can be a benefit to any office, function room or conference hall. All of our conference furniture is available for free delivery within the UK mainland. 

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