Harley Axis Tables

There are many benefits to selecting Harley Axis Meeting Tables for your conference area or boardroom.

Harley Axis tables feature a unique folding frame mechanism that ensures the structure is durable and strong yet also easily foldable for when the table is not required. This ensures that the most can be made out of a conference or boardroom space as often these areas are multi-use. For example, the Harley Axis tables can be put up in the morning to allow for a boardroom meeting in the afternoon. When this is over they can be easily folded down and stored away to open up the room for a function in the evening. The folding mechanism also allows hygiene standards to be maintained as cleaning can be much more thorough when tables can be easily moved.

Harley Axis Folding Table Images Sequence

Another great benefit to choosing Harley Axis tables is that you are choosing modularly designed furniture that can be used to create a number of configurations. This is especially helpful when you think about how different shapes can be used in the meeting room. A circular shape ensures that all at the meeting are equal in contribution and decision making whilst a rectangular shape makes sure that one person, or a couple of people, have leadership. A U-shape or horse shoe shape is great for presentations especially when audio-visual technology is involved. Modular furniture allows for these types of shapes to be made and so allows your boardroom to transform depending on the situation.

Harley Axis Table Conference Configuration Mood Shot

Buy Harley Axis meeting room tables from Office Reality with confidence. We provide a range of modularly shaped tables in 7 different wooden table top finish options, including White, Beech, Oak and Maple. We deliver free of charge to UK mainland addresses.  


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