Modular Meeting Tables


An important part of any conference area is the table within the room. Some businesses meeting rooms may need the flexibility of a multipurpose room which is why this section contains modular meeting tables that enable this.


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For conference rooms that require transforming to suit a variety of events, modular furniture is ideal. Often conference areas double up as a space for celebrations, social events, smaller meetings and public events and information areas. Modular furniture allows the space to be transformed depending on what is required of it.

Modular meeting tables for the multipurpose meeting room

Shape, although often overlooked, is actually an important factor to consider when choosing a boardroom table. A series of informal studies have been done that found that the shape of a company’s conference table had links to productivity.

For example, you may be a company in which there is no fixed or clear leader in meetings. Instead, each team member has an equal amount of power in decision making. For these kinds of meetings a circle shaped table is best, as this promotes the equality of all users in the meeting process.

For a more presentational style, the rectangular shaped conference table is best. This serves a leadership type meeting in which ultimately decisions are made by one person or a few people. A rectangular shape is also good for presentations as one person will be the focal point of the room. 

Meeting tables that are available in a range of different configurations

A U-shaped conference table is usually best used for Board of Directors meeting or committee discussions. This encourages interaction between the participants and is also perfect for when there is an audio-visual presentation.

By selecting modular style meeting room furniture you are ultimately choosing a range of furnishings that can offer you endless amounts of solutions. Your boardroom not only becomes easily transformable but it also is able to encourage the way in which decision making works by simply playing around with shapes and layouts. Modular conference tables are a great option for the boardroom that needs to function differently for each meeting. By investing in modular tables you, in turn, save money as they can be used to create a variety of solutions. For any help or for more information on the best type of table for your conference space don’t hesitate to contact us - we are here to help with any questions you may have.

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