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Modular Shelving

Who ever said ‘don’t be a square’ was seriously underestimating the impact of cube shaped storage. Cube storage is a symetrical system which allows you to display plants, books, speakers. Or if required hide belongings behind a fitted square door or shutter. The best part about cube storage is that it can be built upwards or sideways and with larger gaps or voids for TV’s or pictures. We can design your storage system to your own personal requirements and probvide you with 2D or 3D drawings to clearly show how your cube storage system would look in situ.

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Cube storage is ideal for a combination of displaying and storing items and files. This type of storage system is also useful if you want to create a room divider as cube storage can be built and customised to any length or shape and design. Recently manufactures have realised the benefits of cube style storage systems and incorporarted options for storage, acoustic panels and planters. Our Cubic executive range is ideal for execeutive offices too as it comes with sliding doors in various options such as glass and MFC ideal for open plan office or meeting rooms.

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