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Cable Management

Our range of desk cable management solutions includes everything you need to maintain a tidy desk that stores wires and cables efficiently.

Desk cable management solutions for any office desk

In the 21st century technology has dramatically changed everything we do and one of the biggest effects it has had is on the way in which we work. Since the mid-20th century the office has transformed to cater for the technological advancements that have been made. A majority of people now spend a large proportion of their day on a computer, laptop and/or on a phone. As this has increased scientists have begun to look at how technology effects our bodies and as a result of these types of studies ergonomic furniture was born.

As ergonomics grew more and more studies have shown that it is in the best interests of businesses to ensure the safety and security of their employees. This not only reduces work related injuries but also encourages a healthy, happy and productive workforce that have a good relationship with their employers.

In regards to the safety of those in the workspace, cable management is just as important as ergonomics. As most offices will use a large number of computers, laptops, phones and so on, the organisation of the cables and plugs is vital in preventing any nasty slips, trips and falls.

We have a wide selection of desk cable outlets and grommets, desk power modules and cable trays or baskets all available for customers to buy on a budget. All of these desk cable management solutions are all certified for commercial use and are at our cheapest price possible. If you find any of our desk cable management products cheaper anywhere else we will match the price.

The demand for desk top power and charging has grown in line with our relience on mobile devices such as Iphones and laptops which have now become commonplace. There are some neat solutions available on the market. The Aztec Desk Port Power and Charger fits snugly into the standard 80mm diameter cable outlet in standard use with most desks. The modulle includes USB Type A and C 65W charging ports, great for charging your laptop and a 15W wire charger incorporated into the surface which will charge most Iphones.

We have some great conference and workplace table power. solutions as well. The UP4 Flip up power module is rectangular in design and provides 3 x power, USB A&C charging, RJ45 data and HDMI ports as standard and is available for imeediate delivery.

Aero Flip top table and desk modules are an attractive solution in a choice of colours. The modules can be configured to take almost all socket types and media outlets available. The module has been designed to allow the flap to be closed while devices are still plugged in, which also includes most transformers. This allows the desk or table to keep a neat and ordered appearance.

Another great solution the Fusion under desk power module  is available with power and USB charging including PD65W charging wich is great for charging most lap tops and can be fitted dicretely under desks or tables. These modules are a favourite with hotel lobbies and reception areas.

By investing in high quality cable management you are investing in the safety of your employees and work equipment. Our range of cable management is ideal for use in schools, libraries and computer pool rooms as well as in office spaces. Choose to buy cable management from Office Reality and receive your order free of charge to UK mainland addresses.

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