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Office clocks

Often an overlooked accessory in the office, this section includes our range of office clocks. We have a range of different designs to suit all commercial areas and offices. 

Timekeeping is fundamental to the office space, and is also central to a well run school, college, or university. The classic wall clock is often overlooked as an office accessory and yet it is one of the key aspects of running a business, organising a school, and keeping both employees and students working to an efficient time span.

At Office Reality we aim to provide a range of office accessories to suit all budget types. In this section you can find a wide range of wall clocks to suit all budget requirements and application needs. 

Often products within this range has features that are unique to them. The Villa Radio Controlled Digital Clock, for example, shows the time, moonphase, calendar indoor temperature and trend indicator. It can be both a digital wall or a desk clock. The Century AC Aluminum Wall Clock is also radio controlled and automatically sets the correct time once batteries are added. It features a 24-hour dial in Red to help keep you on top of time. The ACC Silent Sweep Wall Clock has a second hand that moves in a sweeping motion so that no ticking noise can be heard. This is good for those who get distracted or irritated by constant noise. 

There is also the option to customise some of the clocks in this range. The Patrick Coloured Wall Clocks, for example, are available in Black, White, Red, and Blue. Match the clock to your decor and brighten up the wall!

We are sure to have something for everybody with our extensive range of clocks and with a variety of features. We offer a free delivery service to all UK mainland orders.