We have a wide selection of ergonomic products from computer arms and CPU holders to lumbar supports, that will help to prevent work related problems that will enable you to continue working comfortably.

Ergonomics is a word that has become increasingly popular within the office furniture industry. The reason for this is that in the last decade alone, the number of work related illnesses has increased dramatically due to longer working hours in sedentary positions.

We have a collection of CPU holders and monitor arms that can help provide you with the perfect posture whilst working. We also have a range of ergonomic chairs that can also aid posture and reduce the risk of work related injuries. 

An estimated 9.5 million days were lost in 2015 due to work related injuries and musculoskeletal disorders as more and more employees are working longer hours. To combat this and reduce the risk, we recommend investing in ergonomic furniture and accessories to reduce the risk of this and ultimately keep staff healthy and productive.

Choose to buy from our range of ergonomic accessories and get all of your orders delivered free of charge to any UK mainland address.

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