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CPU holders

Computers are common place in nearly all offices internationally. It would be hard to find an office in this day and age that do not use computers as daily practice.

PCs and computers most commonly have a separate CPU to the monitor, which requires the CPU to be placed away from the screen. Often the CPU is placed on the floor as the easiest place to put it. However, this is not the best place for the CPU for two main reasons. Firstly, there is a risk of damage to the CPU as it is not placed in a safe and secure location. Being on the floor leaves it as risk of being stepped upon, kicked, pushed over or spilt on. Secondly, the CPU unit placed upon the floor is not ergonomically sound. This is because the user has to bend down a long way in order to use it and this can leave the user having to unnecessarily strain, leaving them with potential back and posture damage.

One way to avoid this is to employ the use of a solid CPU holder. At Office Reality we aim to provide you with as much choice as possible and so in this section you can find our wide range of CPU holders in a variety of forms. We have mobile CPU holders, for those who need to be able to move the computer around, and lockable ones for those who need it to be stable and fixed into position. We also have a range of cheap computer arms that have a CPU holder as part of the system. This is great for those who require both systems but are shopping on a budget.

For any more information regarding CPU holders then don’t hesitate to get in touch. We offer a free delivery service on all orders to any UK mainland postcode.

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