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Desk lamps

Often overlooked when refurbishing, but office lamps are a great source of extra lighting in commercial areas. They are perfect for use when only a single or small group of people want to stay late in an office without having to turn on all the lights.

An office lamp can be used in almost every setting

Many people prefer 'mood' lighting to bright artificial lighting and so the use of lamps is often commonplace in the office, especially over winter. Numerous studies have shown that different styles of lighting can have different effects upon those within the space. This is often used in an office to create a comfortable vibe that, whilst being relaxing, still keeps users alert and productive. 

At Office Reality we understand the importance of the decor within the office. We believe that in experimenting with decor styles you can benefit your office in different ways and boost the productivity of the employees. That is why we have a wide range of office lamps for use in commercial applications. We have an extensive range of lamps to suit a variety of decors. There is also a number of colours available to choose from. 

Built to the highest standard using high quality materials, all of our lamps are durable and can withstand busy environments. Another benefit of using a lamp is that you can save energy in the evenings when only a few people are within the office space.

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