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Dry Wipe Whiteboards

This section showcases our comprehensive selection of dry wipe whiteboards that are available in different sizes and also include mobile whiteboards, revolving whiteboards, wood and metal framed and space saving whiteboards.

As part of our extensive range of whiteboards we have a large choice of dry wipe boards to suit both commercial and educational settings. We have a large amount of choice available when it comes to the dry wipe boards so be sure to browse through to find the perfect whiteboard for you.

We have a large selection of dry wipe whiteboards available including mobile whiteboards, revolving whiteboards, and space saving whiteboards, as well as many others. There are many sizes available to choose from to suit all office spaces. 

For settings with limited space opt for a space saver whiteboard or a fold-away board. For the setting that needs both a whiteboard and a place for presentations opt for a half and half board, such as the Combination Dry Wipe/Felt Board, or the Combination Whiteboard/Cork Board. There is also a choice of freestanding boards which can be beneficial to waiting rooms and reception spaces, as well as in tourist information centres and museums. We also have a range of hand held whiteboards that are perfect for the classroom and are available with both plain and gridded surfaces. 

At Office Reality we aim to provide an extensive range that suits all. We even have several eco friendly whiteboards, such as the Ultra Eco Friendly Combi Board and the Earth it Dry Wipe Whiteboard. The Earth It is manufactured using over 80% post industrial and consumer waste material, and is 98% recyclable. The Ultra is manufactured from ovr 90% recycled material and comes with a pinnable blue felt noticeboard for presentations.

We have something for everyone at Office Reality. Buy with confidence and receive your order with our free delivery service.