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Mobile Whiteboards

This section contains all of our mobile white boards. These whiteboards are mounted on wheels or castors so they can be easily transported across the room or from room to room if need be.

Mobile whiteboards can be beneficial to a number of places including schools, colleges, universities, laboratories, staff rooms and meeting spaces. These whiteboards are mounted onto wheels or castors and so they can be easily moved from room to room when required.

At Office Reality we aim to provide you with an extensive amount of choice and so have a wide range of whiteboards available to suit all budget requirements. 

In this section you can find whiteboards with a swivel mechanism, a pivot mechanism, a combination screen, a chalk board screen as well as a magnetic screen. A combination screen can be ideal for meeting spaces as you may need to provide a presentation whilst also write alongside it. For office spaces that are noisy we have the Alumi Mobile Acoustic Whiteboard and Screen which can help with excess noise within the setting.