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Ergonomic 24 hour office chairs that you can sit in for 24 hours

24 hour office chairs have been designed specifically for applications where users require to be seated for long periods of time. This means that they are ergonomic, comfortable, and stable and secure as well as being durable and hard-wearing.

During the 20th century there was a shift in the rise of office based jobs where people spend long periods of time sitting. This was not really considered properly until the 70s when there was a number of studies undertaken to see how a sedentary position can affect the human body. This was the rise of ergonomics, and the demand for ergonomic chairs soon followed.

Ergonomics takes into account the human body and how the form can be impacted by long term repetitive movements or long term stationary positions. The 21st century has seen a rise in long hours and more often than not the worker goes home at the end of the day to sit and relax. This means that often people end up in seating positions throughout the day and this can have a negative impact upon the body.

One way to drastically reduce the impact that sitting has upon the body is to invest in an ergonomic chair. As stated, these chairs are designed specifically with the human body in mind. As the human body differs in size and shape, these chairs are designed to be flexible and adjustable. Most ergonomic chairs will be height adjustable and often they feature mesh backs which is mouldable to the users back making it personalised to each user.

As working hours get longer there is a rise in work related injuries in the UK that are due to desk chairs. This has led to an attitude shift towards ergonomic seating as it is often designed with the traditional 8 hours use in mind. Newer ergonomic seating has been designed for 24 hours use to provide non-stop support and stability to the body. You can buy 24-hour office seating with confidence from Office Reality and within the UK mainland all our products are delivered for free. 

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