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Auditorium Seating

This is our range of auditorium seating that is suitable for theatres, cinemas and stadiums. Available in a range of different design options to suit your needs, our range of stadium chairs is not only affordable but can be bespoke made to fit into any area on a budget.

The 20th century saw the arts of the theatre expand to include all communities. What began, in the early 20th century, as mainstream theatre dominated by London productions, transformed into the political and social commentary we often see today throughout the UK. After World War II the Arts Council of Great Britain was founded (1946) and this in turn led to the opening of the National Theatre in 1963, which opened at the Old Vic before moving to the Southbank in 1977. Post war society saw an increase in experimentation with plays – for example the work of Samuel Beckett. In 1968 the abolition of theatre censorship provided another platform for political writing that centred upon a wide variety of social issues. Today the theatre is still evolving and we see an endless amount of styles and forms of theatre performance than ever before.

Despite the transformation in the theatre space one thing remains the same, audiences go to be entertained. Whether this is to be moved emotionally, or to laugh, or to think deeply, as the audience we lose our sense of routine for the few hours that we are engaged with the performance we have come to see. To truly feel this way we must be comfortable, and thus seating is an important factor in the theatre.

This is not just for performance theatre, but also for auditoriums, such as debates at universities and town halls. Nobody wants to feel fidgety and uncomfortable whilst trying to listen to an argument. It is difficult to concentrate whilst being distracted by the seating. Due to this, auditorium seating has changed dramatically over the years and has been designed in the modern era to be as comfortable as possible whilst still retaining its classic compact form.

We provide a range of auditorium seating that can be used in theatres, cinemas, stadiums as well as in both university, school's venues and halls. We understand that the process of planning and refurbishing a space as large as this can be difficult and so we offer a free service to ease the stress of this. For any help regarding this process, or for more information on how to buy our stadium seating please call one of our experts for more information. 

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